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To my 10 readers 😛 I wanted to thank you all first for liking and following this little space of mine, truly appreciated guys. But, but I am moving to blogspot guys because I’ve just decided that I can’t live without food and writing so I making this food writing a serious business.

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Where to eat when in Davao?

Davao is the second city I love from Manila.  It is known for their local produce like Pomelo, Durian and Mangosteen. And how could I forget that this city is also known for their Mayor who implements a credible discipline amongs its city and people.

So what is the best food place I highly recommend when you visit Davao? Kusina/Bistro Selera it is!

I can attest in this  food trip that Love at first taste do come true. Kusina Selera is one of Davao’s famous local restaurant that mostly caters to producing Davao’s finest produce like Pomelo and Mangosteen. But these three are my top favorites at Kusina Selera:

1. Tinolang Imbao –imbao are like clams, or belongs to clan of clams. This is shellfish cooked in garlic, ginger and chili leaves soup. Simple yet the taste when all together combined creates a powerful and incredible soup. This is the soup I can’t neglect even on a very hot summer day.

2. Suha Salad – Augh! This is like Davao’s own version of ceviche less the raw fish, of course. Suha or Pomelo Salad is a combination of fresh Davao Pomelo, tomatoes, garlic and radish (did I got the ingredients right?) tossed and mixed in a little fish sauce. This is the first thing comes into my mind every time I visit Davao. This dish deserves the best appetizer award of all time!

3. Homemade Mangosteen Icecream. Should I say more? But seriously, this a good finale to cap off a great sunny day in Davao. Mangosteen and sticky rice matchy-matchy. It is like Thai’s famous Mango stick rice, you guys!

{Recipe} Sweet Mango Bowl

I’m probably the happiest mom on earth when I finally shared my love for mangoes with my son. I introduce him to mangoes when he turned one year old last 2012, he didn’t like it though that time but I didn’t give up. I still find ways and experimented no brainer dessert recipes for him to love this golden treasure of a sweet, romantic yellow and pure joy kind of fruit.
2014-08-13 19.50.44
And just this last summer, all my hard work paid off. I’m proud to say that he can finish two pieces of whole mangoes in one sitting. This is one of the reasons on why I probably learn to love experimenting in my kitchen, not just because necessity calls for it. I’ve promised him to have a happy and memorable childhood so that he’ll have great stories to share and cherish when he’s all grown up but I would also like to fill those memories with a divine appreciation for food. I want to be a better mom and wife by serving my boys with delicious and made from the heart meals.


{easy peasy} Sweet Mango Bowl

2 cups ripe mangoes (sliced into cubes)
2 pieces of bananas (sliced)
1/2 cup of condensed milk
2 table spoon of whipped cream

In a medium size bowl, just pour the condensed milk together with the whipped cream mix and adjust the sweetness according to your preferred sweetness and generously put together the sliced bananas and mangoes.

My little man cap it off in no less than 5 minutes. I wish to do this kind of what I love to call food-life-story everyday here in my blog. I believe that every kind of food prepared and presented on the table always deserves a gratitude of appreciation and share a story behind it. Isn’t it good old smart conversions starts over a  good dinner? Isn’t it we love to prepare and cook fancy delicious meals when a special life occasion calls for it? and oh, how could I forget our versions of comfort food and cooking?  and cravings?

Food just like love is relative. We can compare and relate it to everything. The food that we eat depends on our mood, emotion, like and perception. But we always want it to work and create stories behind it that we can cherish forever.


Here I go again


I’ve been eating a lot of good food lately, and I find it unjustifiable to not journal them properly. These wonderful creatures who often makes a vacation in my mouth deserves a good publicity stint, or that is just my excuse to express my love for food, motherhood and writing into a blog. But seriously, as much as I wanted to have my pre-pregnancy shape back,  my love for food and cooking still weighs more than my desire to wear my dream summer bikinis. But that’s life, I will just prefer the latter part and that is to cook and eat everything I want (in moderation of course).

I’ve recently invited as well to a cooking facebook group which adds the pressure on my hectic life plan in creating this blog. I want to contribute something in that page as well. I also want to share my little kitchen adventures with my co-nigella-lawson-fans in that facebook group and best of all I also want food and cooking to be my love language for my little family which I also got and learn from the facebook group (hey that group is really motivating!).

So here it is, reliving my kitchen heiress adventures. Just like a real heiress, I have a vast wealth of recipes, kitchen adventures, stories and little notes to share.