Where to eat when in Davao?

Davao is the second city I love from Manila.  It is known for their local produce like Pomelo, Durian and Mangosteen. And how could I forget that this city is also known for their Mayor who implements a credible discipline amongs its city and people.

So what is the best food place I highly recommend when you visit Davao? Kusina/Bistro Selera it is!

I can attest in this  food trip that Love at first taste do come true. Kusina Selera is one of Davao’s famous local restaurant that mostly caters to producing Davao’s finest produce like Pomelo and Mangosteen. But these three are my top favorites at Kusina Selera:

1. Tinolang Imbao –imbao are like clams, or belongs to clan of clams. This is shellfish cooked in garlic, ginger and chili leaves soup. Simple yet the taste when all together combined creates a powerful and incredible soup. This is the soup I can’t neglect even on a very hot summer day.

2. Suha Salad – Augh! This is like Davao’s own version of ceviche less the raw fish, of course. Suha or Pomelo Salad is a combination of fresh Davao Pomelo, tomatoes, garlic and radish (did I got the ingredients right?) tossed and mixed in a little fish sauce. This is the first thing comes into my mind every time I visit Davao. This dish deserves the best appetizer award of all time!

3. Homemade Mangosteen Icecream. Should I say more? But seriously, this a good finale to cap off a great sunny day in Davao. Mangosteen and sticky rice matchy-matchy. It is like Thai’s famous Mango stick rice, you guys!